Cosmodromes of Russia

Tourism to the cosmodromes of Russia

Baikonur cosmodrome

Baikonur (“Rich Valley” transl. kazakh) is the world’s first and largest cosmodrome, located on the territory of Kazakhstan, in the Kyzylorda region between the city of Kazalinsk and the village of Dzhusaly, near the village of Tyuratam. The area covers 6717 square kilometers. The city of Baikonur and the Baikonur cosmodrome together form the “Baikonur” complex, leased by Russia from Kazakhstan for the time period up to 2050.

  • 9 types of launch facilities (of which 5 are active) consisting of 15 launchers (of which 5 are active) for launching launch vehicles;
  • 4 silo launchers for Intercontinental ballistic missiles testing;
  • 13 assembly and test buildings, which house 34 technical complexes for pre-launch preparation of launch vehicles, spacecraft and booster stages, as well as refueling and neutralization stations for refueling spacecraft and upper stages with rocket fuel components and compressed gases;
  • measuring complex with a modern information and computing center for monitoring the flight of launch vehicles, booster stages, spacecraft control, and processing of measurement information;
  • liquid oxygen and nitrogen production;
  • 600 transformer substations;
  • two airfields: “Kryainii” 1st class and “Jubileinui” of the highest class;
  • 470 km of railway tracks (special tracks— 40 km);
  • 1281 km of asphalt roads;
  • 6610 km of power lines;
  • 2784 km of communication lines.

Vostochny cosmodrome

  1. VOSTOCHNY is a cosmodrome of the XXI century.
  2. VOSTOCHNY guarantees Russia’s fully independent access to space.
  3. VOSTOCHNY is the “second wind” of the entire Russia’s Far East.
  4. VOSTOCHNY is a cosmodrome, airport and the city of TSIOLKOVSKY, which will become the Technocenter of the future space cluster.
  5. VOSTOCHNY means new opportunities for the young, thousands of jobs…

Vostochny cosmodrome is being built in the area between the rivers Zeya and Big Pyora 8 thousand kilometers from Moscow and 180 kilometers away from the city of Blagoveshchensk. It occupies about 700 square kilometers. From South-West to North-East it takes 18 kilometers, and from South-East to North-West 36 kilometers. Why is it built here? Ascension routes that go over large bodies of water and sparsely populated areas of the Far East mean safety for people and housing. The territory here already has road infrastructure here: Baikal-Amur and Chita-Khabarovsk highways. It has sea ports relatively close, also a large supply of electricity is produced in the region.

  • LAUNCH FACILITY is the “heart” of the cosmodorme. 83 structures with an area of 45 thousand square meters. 270 people work here during the shift.
  • TECHNICAL FACILITY is used for pre-launch preparation – including refueling of rockets. 121 structures, a territory of 170 thousand square meters and 1,800 people per shift.